Forensic Accounting

In the current, turbulent economic times and living in an era of unprecedented regulation and oversight, the need for a flawless accounting and copious record-keeping is an absolute necessity. And, with mounting economic tensions, fraud is on the rise.

Only a team of highly qualified forensic accountants and investigators can certify your books, track potential fraud and ensure that your company is moving forward safely.

The experts at IRCO utilize a team of seasoned accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners who work together on forensic accounting and investigation to ensure that your company is without financial discrepancies. These teams will be at the client’s side to testify as expert witnesses should it be required during trial.

Within IRCO’s forensic accounting and investigative services, the company has several sub-specialties including insurance and personal claims, and construction and public audits.

At IRCO we provide 3 services under this area which include:

Fraud Prevention Services:

Prevention is better than cure, so we assist our clients in reviewing their Anti-fraud programs and help them in developing an effective anti-fraud program. At IRCO, we provide following services:

    • Anti-fraud policy & procedures Review
    • Fraud Policy & procedures Development

Fraud Detection Services:

At IRCO, we have the knowledge and skills / experience to carry out fraud detection services using tools assisting the clients in decision making as regard to detailed investigation. We assist as to whether sufficient predication exists for detailed fraud investigation. Our services include:

    • Fraud Detection Services using CAAT
    • Fraud Predication Services
    • Independent Compliance Audit Services
    • Fraud Detection Software & Tools

Fraud Investigative Services:

Whenever you feel there exists sufficient predication for detailed investigation, you will find us there to help you out in detailed investigation. Our services include:

    • Independent Inquiries/Investigations involving Employees or Vendors
    • Forensic Accounting Services